Training Activity

North Metro Fire Rescue District trains all line personnel on a regular basis to ensure that firefighters can continue to improve on their skills. Training provides the tools necessary to deal with any emergency that our community could face. The Training Division has developed training evolutions that include all areas of operations.

Check out some of our training highlights below!


North Metro Fire teams up with local north area fire departments to conduct quarterly technical rescue training. These trainings address various rescue techniques such as high angle rope rescue, vehicle extrication and trench collapse response.


North Metro firefighters underwent a set of unique training evolutions for search and rescue procedures that can be utilized during a “Big Box” store or concert venue emergency situation. Firefighters performed in pitch black conditions to simulate the lack of visibility that can occur and were disoriented for most of the drill to test skills relating to large area search and Mayday situations.


North Metro Fire works routinely with air medical transport organizations such as Flight for Life. Trainings are conducted each year to ensure firefighter and patient safety when working with flight crews and paramedics.