Free Community Services

Partnering together for a safer community

North Metro Fire Rescue District responds to nearly 10,000 emergency calls a year, providing fire protection, emergency medical services, hazardous materials response and technical rescue. While emergency response is at the core of North Metro Fire’s mission, so is providing quality customer service, fire prevention services and life safety education to its residents.

North Metro Fire offers a variety of free or low-cost services to residents, including:

For more information on these services and programs, visit the Fire and Life Safety Education page.

Ambulance Membership Program
North Metro Fire wants to alleviate some of the financial stress that impacts a person or family in the event of a medical emergency through the Ambulance Membership Program.

The Ambulance Membership Program provides a great cost savings to residents by covering any ambulance care and transport costs not paid for by a resident’s insurance provider. While it is not insurance and is not intended to be a substitute for insurance, for an annual fee of $35 (individual or senior household) or $45 (family), members can rest assured that any transport costs not paid for by their insurance provider will be absorbed by North Metro Fire.