North Metro Fire responds to structure fire and two grass fires related to fireworks on Fourth of July

North Metro Fire Rescue District responded to a structure fire to start off the morning on Tuesday, but otherwise, the fire district had a relatively quiet Fourth of July holiday in terms of fires.

Just before 1 a.m. crews responded to a structure fire in the 12000 block of Ivy Court in unincorporated Adams County. North Metro Fire, Thornton Fire Department and South Adams County Fire were all on scene to assist with the fire. Prior to crews arriving, neighbors notified the three occupants of the two-story home and safely evacuated them. 

The fire begin on the exterior of the home and spread through the attached garage before crews were able to extinguish the fire. While the majority of the damage was contained to the garage area of the home, the family was displaced for at least the night until the structural safety of the structure could be assessed. Investigators ruled the fire to be accidental and believe the most likely cause was the improper disposal of fireworks in a trashcan outside the home.

Later in the evening on July 4, crews also responded to two brush fires in Northglenn. The first reported brush fire occurred on Claude Court at 8:10 p.m., but neighbors were able to extinguish the fire before North Metro Fire crews arrived.

The second brush fire occurred at 8:45 p.m. on Community Center Drive just north of Malley Drive. Firefighters arrived and found several bushes engulfed in flames. The flames started to burn the exterior of a nearby dumpster and the exterior molding of a vehicle. Crews quickly extinguished the fire and prevented any further damage. Upon investigation, firefighters found fireworks in the bushes, which they believe started the brush fire.

Fires that result from the improper disposal of smoldering materials are easily preventable. Whether discarding cigarettes or sparklers or other smoking materials, North Metro Fire wants to remind residents that it’s important to thoroughly extinguish the materials in water and properly discard them in a metal enclosed container. It’s also advised not to store disposal containers with the discarded materials near any combustible surfaces.

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