Register now for training seminar given by renowned FDNY Chief John Salka

North Metro Fire is excited to host John Salka, retired battalion chief of the New York City Fire Department. Salka brings with him over 33 years of experience in the fire service as he gives a seminar on “Five Alarm Leadership” and “Fireground Responsibility.” The full-day seminar is going to be offered on two different dates, June 22 and June 23 at the North Metro Fire Training Center.

Chief Salka is a nationally recognized fire training professional who has been a featured presenter at the Firehouse Expo in Baltimore, the Fire Department Instructors Conference (FDIC) in Indianapolis, the Fire Department Institute (FDNY) and the NY Firefighters Burn Center seminar Program to just name a few.

Chief Salka is a contributing editor for Firehouse Magazine, and also writes articles for Fire Engineering,WNYF, and Size-up Magazines. He was also the recipient of the “2001 Training Achievement Award” at the 2001 Fire Department Instructors Conference in Indianapolis, Indiana, and has authored two best-selling books on the fire service.

The Seminar

“Five Alarm Leadership”
Five Alarm Leadership is a dynamic program that is designed to energize and motivate the people in your department to perform and excel in everything they do. This program outlines many of the common situations that fire departments and fire companies find themselves in and presents suggestions and solutions to those situations. Chief Salka has experienced many of the challenges and hurdles that your fire department is facing. He has learned through his experience as a Lieutenant, Captain and Chief how to treat people, how to motivate them and even how to discipline them so that they want to come back for more. Issues such as integrity, inspiration, interest, innovation, insight and initiative are all discussed and applied to life in the firehouse and on the fireground. Join Chief Salka as he guides you through your most difficult but vital role as a leader in the fire service.

“Fireground Responsibility “
Chief Salka takes a critical look at the line-of-duty death of a firefighter and the many contributing factors that played a role in the event. Using the report issued by NIOSH after their investigation, each of the factors, events and decisions related to this fire are examined to discover if anything could have been done differently with more positive results. Issues such as SCBA usage, accountability tactics, risk vs reward decision making, survival skills and communications are all discussed and debated to uncover the real cause of the LODD and the possible actions and decisions that can be made in the future to prevent another similar tragedy. This program contains lessons and skills that apply to all ranks and levels including Firefighters, Company Officers, and Chiefs.

When: June 22nd or 23rd – 0900-1700 (both dates are the same class)
Cost: $75.00 per student
Location: 1006 Weld County Road 11 – Building C, Northglenn
RSVP Contact: Debbie VanWanseele at 303-252-3502

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