Permits / Inspections

3 Men with Hard Hats Talking on Construction Site

Plans are reviewed by the Fire Prevention Division as a proactive step to identify any potential problems or code violations and ensure compliance with the relevant adopted fire codes and standards. Before a permit can be issued by the Fire Prevention Division, plans (often referred to as construction documents) must be submitted for review by the applicant proposing the structure, system, building modification or operation.  

Submitting Plans for Review

All plans shall be drawn to a nationally-accepted engineering or architectural scale. The Fire Prevention Division no longer accepts paper or hard copies of plans for review and only accepts electronic plans in PDF format, which you can upload when submitting your application. In order to avoid unnecessary delays that can be associated with the submittal of incomplete plans, plan submittals should be as complete as possible the first time they are submitted. A properly completed Application for Plan Review shall accompany all plans submitted to the Fire Prevention Division for review.

Plans are reviewed on a first-in, first-out basis, with plan review turnaround time depending largely on the amount of construction taking place in the jurisdiction at the time the plan is submitted. In order for a project to have a higher potential for on-time completion, construction schedules should account for plan review time by all agencies involved, including the Fire Prevention Division.

Inspection of Property

Only after plans have been reviewed, approved, and (when applicable) a permit issued and paid for, can inspections be requested by the applicant.  The Fire Prevention Division’s fire Inspectors will always try to accommodate all requests for inspections in a timely manner, but at least two business days advance notice is required for inspection scheduling.  Before calling in an inspection, please be sure to read and comply with all conditions stated on the permit and/or within the plan review letter.  Failure to comply with those requirements may result in a failed initial inspection and may also necessitate a future inspection, for which additional reinspection fees will be charged.

We’re Here to Help

North Metro Fire Rescue District’s Fire Prevention Division is available to help businesses and the public with various permit- and inspection-related questions.  Our plan reviewers are degreed fire protection engineers with over half a century of cumulative fire service experience. We are available to answer technical and administrative questions as well as assist in developing solutions to fire protection problems regardless of complexity. Assistance is available to all individuals – from people who are just getting started in the planning process to code consultants and fire protection engineers who may be part of a specific project’s design team. The Fire Prevention Division’s technical staff can help identify when an alternative method or performance-based approach to achieving code compliance may be appropriate and can help outline the steps necessary to properly demonstrate that the intent of the code is being met.