Hazardous Materials Storage

Permits issued by the fire district are required for the storage, on-site transportation, dispensing, use or handling of hazardous materials in excess of the permissible amounts as set forth in the fire code. Each application for permit shall include a Hazardous Materials Management Plan (HMMP) and Hazardous Materials Inventory Statement (HMIS).

The HMMP Shall Include a Facility Site Plan Drawn Legibly to a Standard Architectural or Engineering Scale & Shall Clearly Designate the Following

  • Storage and use areas
  • Maximum amount of each material stored or used in each area
  • Range of container sizes
  • Locations of emergency isolation and mitigation valves
  • Product conveying piping containing liquids or gases, other than utility-owned fuel gas lines and low-pressure fuel gas lines
  • On and off positions of valves for valves that are of the self-indicating type
  • Storage plan showing the intended storage arrangement, including the locations and dimensions of aisles
  • The location and type of emergency equipment

The HMIS Shall Include the Following Information

  • Chemical names, trade names and hazardous ingredients
  • Chemical manufacturers’ names
  • Hazard classifications for each chemical
  • MSDS or equivalent for each chemical
  • United Nations (UN), North America (NA), or the Chemical Abstract Service (CAS) identification number for each chemical
  • Maximum quantities to be stored or used on-site at one time for each chemical
  • Storage conditions related to the storage type, temperature, and pressure for each chemical