Become a North Metro Firefighter

North Metro Fire Rescue District recruits firefighters who will embrace our mission and values and play an active role in making our organization the best fire district in the state. We seek a diverse group of individuals representing a variety of education, skills and experiences to join our team. 

From the newest firefighter to our highest ranking officers, everyone has an opportunity to contribute to the organization's growth and development.

You don't have to take our word for it. Check out what our employees have to say about working at North Metro Fire. We hope you decide to join our team!
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Apply to be a North Metro Firefighter

North Metro Fire is part of the new Colorado FIREfighter Testing Consortium.  Initial hiring and testing needs are handled through this consortium, which is comprised of 14 fire departments in the Denver area. The testing occurs each fall and spring. Sign up to be notified when the firefighter recruitment period opens. 

Spring Testing

  • Firefighter testing application - Due March 25, 2021
  • Please note: Test scores are good for one year. If you took the test within the year, the results will be included in those forwarded to hiring department members of the Consortium. You can re-test if you want to improve your score, and IOS will take the better of the two tests to report to hiring departments.

What to Expect

At North Metro Fire, we believe the right fit is just as important as the right skills, and our hiring process reflects it. As a fire district, the majority of our calls are medical; therefore, all our firefighters must be EMT or paramedic certified prior to attending the fire academy. North Metro Fire will provide firefighter training and certification requirements during the fire academy.

Here are the steps we take when selecting our firefighters:

1. After the written test is taken through the Colorado FIREfighter Testing Consortium, we review the list and consider:
a. Our needs for new employees – this includes the correct mix of EMTs and/or paramedics 
b. Written test score – we start at the top of the list
c. Military background
d. References from North Metro Fire employees
e. Advanced formal education
f. Criminal history
2. From there, we invite the top candidates to attend a medical knowledge assessment that includes a written test and EMS hands-on scenarios. 
3. Candidates who pass the medical assessment are invited to attend panel interviews.
4. Candidates who continue to be considered for employment are then interviewed by the fire chief and the deputy chiefs.
5. Candidates who pass this portion will receive conditional job offers – commensurate with the actual number of openings and level of staffing approved by the District's board of directors.
6. Candidates who accept the conditional job offer will receive a medical screening, including a drug test, and a background check.
7. Candidates who pass these sections then receive a physical job performance assessment, an acrophobia test and a claustrophobia test.
8. Candidates who successfully pass all tests and sections then receive final job offers.

North Metro Fire's Job Performance Assessment

Train for your firefighting career

Once you receive and accept your final job offer, the real process of becoming a firefighter begins. North Metro Fire has a state-of-the-art Training Center Complex that demonstrates our commitment to training, safety and the health of our employees. 
We are part of the North Area Fire Departments group, which includes seven other organizations. Currently, we deliver a three-month fire academy at our Training Center jointly with the other North Area Fire Departments.

Typically, the North Area Fire Academy begins in August of each year and is completed just prior to Thanksgiving. Once you have graduated from the fire academy as a trainee, you will become a probationary firefighter for a one-year period, where your training and assessment will continue under your company's officer.

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