Grades 1-3 

First Grade - Crawl Low Under Smoke Program

During a fire, smoke and poisonous gases rise with heat, the air is cleaner near the floor. Students in the Crawl Under Smoke Program practice crawling low in a classroom and meeting at a designated meeting place.

Second Grade - Emergency 911 Program

This program teaches students about the 911 system in an emergency.  Students practice their pretend emergency, name, address and phone number by using our 911-dispatch simulator.

Third Grade - Fire Factor and Summer Safety Program

The program focuses on fire and burn prevention, fall prevention, and bike and pedestrian safety–areas that pose a significant risk to Colorado’s youth. 

  • Fire Factor - In this class, students discuss fire prevention, home exit drills, and the meaning and legal implications of arson.
  • Summer Safety - Students learn about pedestrian and bicycle safety, including the importance of wearing a helmet. The program also includes a proper bicycle helmet fitting.