2020 Board Candidates

Below is a list of the 2020 candidates (in alphabetical order) running for the North Metro Fire Rescue District Board of Directors. Each candidate submitted their own biographical summary below along with a photo. You can learn more about the candidates below in their own words.

David R. Feineman

My name is Dave Feineman and I moved with my wife to Skyestone in far Southwest Broomfield in late David FeinemanJanuary 2019. I am retired now, but I’m a geologist by training, and have significant experience in project management, risk assessment, budgeting, and team building, which could be useful skills for a new board member. Prior to retiring, I was a lead fire warden in a high rise building in Texas. I was in last year’s Citizens Fire Academy class which stimulated my interest in advancing local fire and life safety issues. The area of Broomfield where I live is currently outside of the target response time for North Metro Fire Department. I want to act to provide greater community input on some of the key tactical issues related to improving response time district-wide, including rolling out the integrated incident response system with the Westminster Fire Department and planning for (and potentially accelerating) the construction of a new west side station. At the strategic level, I am committed to accelerating the adoption of mandatory fire sprinklers in new construction residences in the city and county of Broomfield to provide longer term reduction in fire-related deaths and property damage.

Karl Honegger

Karl HoneggerI grew up in Berthoud Colorado, where I earned my Eagle Scout and volunteered in High School at my local Habitat for Humanity thrift store. For college I went to the University of Northern Colorado for my bachelor’s degree in accounting and received my Master of Professional Accountancy from the University of South Dakota. I currently work as a Treasury Analyst in Denver and am also a Certified Treasury Professional. As a father, I want my Fire Rescue District to be the best in the area and I appreciate the current engagement our first responders have with the community and especially the children in teaching fire safety. As a financial professional I understand how to optimize cash flow by managing risk and borrowing responsibly. With historically low interest rates, I look forward to exploring opportunities to save money on bond interest so that more can go towards our first responders, especially as they bear the additional burden of having to work during a public health crisis. I’ll use my financial knowledge to empower North Metro Fire to have the resources they need to stay safe while they continue to keep us safe.

Timothy L. Long

Timothy LongWhether it is Business Administration, Hospital Administration, conducting market assessments & financial feasibility studies for private hospitals in foreign lands, merging hospitals, conducting strategic planning, writing business plans or securing bond financing for a new Charter School or serving as a non-profit Board Member, experience does matter.  I believe my education in Business Administration and Master of Science in Healthcare Administration at the University of Colorado Medical Center gave me the necessary grounding to proceed with life’s career opportunities.  I believe my 8 years of tested experience, knowledge and core values allow me to continue serving on the Board of Directors of the North Metro Fire Rescue District.  In my tenure as Board Treasurer, I have worked to be genuinely committed to governing well, all the while striving to match the respect, honor and courage due to the firefighters and emergency medical staff they represent.  Having raised 6 children into thoughtful, mature people, my wife and I sincerely appreciate knowing there are like-minded folks living in our neighborhood and community.

Jenni Maria Murphy

Jenni MurphyJenni Murphy has served on the board of directors since May 2012 and has been a resident of Northglenn for over 30 years.  She has worked for the City of Northglenn for 20 years.  She started in the Finance Department and now serves as the Community Outreach Coordinator.  Jenni also serves on the Supervisory Committee for Horizons North Credit Union and the Advisory Board for Northglenn High School and Vantage Point High School.  With her various work experience and appreciation for the community, Jenni brings a wide range of skills to the District.  Jenni and her husband have three married children and three granddaughters.

Robert Nielsen

Robert NielsenRobert Nielsen is a Broomfield resident for 14 years, living in Anthem Ranch. Prior to moving to Colorado, he resided in Illinois. Robert and his wife Jackie have two grown children. With 50 years of Fire Service experience, my career began in the U.S.A.F. in 1961. I then spent approximately 28 years with the Oak Brook, IL Fire Dept., rising through all ranks, and retired as Fire Chief in 1997. I then spent another 8 years with the Westmont, IL Fire Dept., as their Accreditation Manager. I possess a Masters of Arts degree in Public Administration. In 2009, I was awarded the status of Fire Chief Emeritus by the Illinois Fire Chiefs Assoc. I am also the former Chairman of the Lemont Fire Protection District Fire Commission, also in Illinois, where I served two terms. I was elected to the North Metro Fire District Board in May 2010, and again in 2014. Then, in 2019, I was appointed to this Board to fill a vacancy caused by a Board member resignation. I bring to the North Metro Board 50 years of Fire Service knowledge and experience in every area. My past 2 terms in this office, coupled with my recent appointment to the Board allow me to continue serving all the residents of our District and add fiscal stability to the Board and the District.

Brian Peotter

Brian PeotterAs a Husband, Father, and Eagle Scout I am running to serve our community and support those that put their lives on the line to protect it. Professionally, being a project manager in aerospace has equipped me to navigate complex requirements to deliver on time and on budget. These skills translate directly to this board, navigating legal, organizational, and personal obstacles to deliver what the community needs.

Kim Tavendale

Kim TavendaleI’m Rev. Kim Tavendale, and I have been a resident of Broomfield since 2008 with my husband, two children (one in middle school and one in elementary) and our standard poodle. Prior to owning my successful businesses in the wedding industry, I was Operations Manager for a national benefit company and an insurance agent in Florida and Colorado. I have served on my HOA board, a number of industry and state political boards and committees, as well as the board of a local non-profit, and I believe in serving my community and my neighbours. As an advocate for liberty, limited government and fiscal responsibility, I am running for the North Metro Fire Rescue District board so that our tax dollars are wisely and carefully spent in ways that will best benefit our community and ensure that our first responders have the tools and support they need in order to save lives.