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A Look Back at the Aurora Theater Shooting

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On July 20, 2012, shortly after midnight, a 25-year-old male exited Theater 9 of the Century 16 Theater in Aurora, Colorado, through the emergency exit door. He went to his car, donned tactical gear and a gas mask, and armed himself with a shotgun, rifle, pistol, and tear gas. He re-entered the theater through the emergency exit, which he had propped open, tossed tear gas into the audience and began shooting into the crowd.

In less than five minutes, he shot or otherwise wounded 70 innocent people, killing 12 of them. He was apprehended shortly after he again exited through the emergency exit door. Many of the wounded that night were also carried out that same exit door and triaged near where the shooter had parked his car. Over 25 of the wounded were transported to area hospitals in police vehicles. Not only had the shooter attacked the theater, but he also set a trap for first responders and/or his neighbors.

This presentation will cover some of the steps the shooter took to prepare for his assault, some recordings of radio transmissions from the incident, and will recognize some of the heroism of everyday people just out to enjoy a movie. It will also discuss some of the issues related to rendering the apartment safe along with the aftermath that affected, and still affects, the community and responders.

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